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Plaza Skateboards

Skate or Die!

Caxton made a bold decision to inject some excitement into our work, and what better way than to launch our very own brand? Our choice of canvas? Skateboards, of course. Plaza, as it came to be known, took its first daring ride into the scene in 2010. It was a thrilling journey where our creative juices flowed freely, unburdened by limits or boundaries.

The development of Plaza wasn’t just about creating skateboards; it was about immersing ourselves in a world where art, sport, and self-expression collide. We took our commitment seriously, sponsoring a talented team of some of Maryland’s top skaters, who helped breathe life into the brand. The skateboards we crafted weren’t just pieces of wood; they were vibrant, graphic canvases on wheels, each deck custom designed and expertly crafted in Canada. We can honestly say we loved every minute of this endeavor.

You see, at Caxton, we’ve always believed that creativity is at its best when it’s enjoyable and passionate. It’s not just about delivering results; it’s about infusing each project with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. Plaza skateboards were a testament to this philosophy, and they remain a reminder that creativity should always be an exciting journey that leaves its mark. Oh, and let us know if you want some stickers!


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