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JM Jewelers

Signature Line

For decades, Caxton has forged a remarkable partnership with JM Jewelers and the Master Craftsman, Jose Mejia. His exquisite custom jewelry is a testament to the extraordinary and the unique. Collaborating closely with Jose, we embarked on a journey to craft a distinct signature collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. The challenge was to ensure that the visual identity harmonized seamlessly with the intricate detail and uncompromising quality that Jose meticulously embeds in each creation. By synergizing his creative vision with ours, we achieved a remarkable elevation of his brand to unparalleled heights. The primary objective was to present each piece in a manner that allowed it to shine in its own splendor, free from any distractions. In essence, our mission was to achieve more by doing less, allowing the craftsmanship to speak for itself.



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Caxton approaches design with the same precision and exacting standards that I apply to my custom jewelry.

– Jose Mejia